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Ah, the bigger/better

It seems that everyone and their brother has written a vs article or blog post.  I’m not going to do that (again).

Having thumbed through literally hundreds of comparison article and videos, the verdict is clear: is the choice for those who want more control over their content.  The only thing holding me back for a while was the complexity of installing a MySQL database server alongside an Apache webserver.  Why would I have to set this up by hand?  Two reasons come to mind:

1) I’m a poor college student

2) Doing things yourself is more fun (however frustrating they may end up being)

The intended use of my setup has been and still is only a development site.  I’ve used Dreamweaver and other design programs in the past, but the idea of a content management system that will allow you to customize a blog/website until your heart’s content while still keeping things manageable sounded too tasty to pass up.  After a few weeks of browsing incomplete/outdated How-to’s, I managed to find a solution stack called XAMPP that has opened up the doors for me.  A real epiphany.

I’ll post future developments as they come through while working with

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