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Asus Transformer & Google’s Android OS – A short review

Last week I was given the opportunity to test drive the new Asus Transformer Table as a part of my job in the Instructional

Support Group for the College of Education at UH.  Here’s a summary of my thoughts on the new tablet and Android OS:

Having grown up with various versions of Windows and Mac operating systems, the Android OS was indeed alien to me.  Learning a new OS is similar to borrowing a friend’s car.  You adjust the mirrors, move the seat to a comfortable position, and tune the stereo to your favorite station.  In the case of the Asus Transformer with Android OS, the learning curve was steep.  After 30mins of exploration, I was able to do most of the same tasks that my other pieces of technology allowed me to do.  The best part was that after a short while using the tablet became so natural that I was able to focus entirely on the content.  The tablet (OS included) was a transparent window through which I could view and interact with the content.

Navigation is a breeze and the touch screen on the tablet is accurate, with the processor having no issues keeping up with my multitasking.  Easily customizable, this tablet just feels nice.

Here’s a rundown of the hardware specs for the Asus Transformer:

  • 10.1″ LED screen w/10-point multi-touch
  • 1GB RAM, 13GB HD
  • 8hrs battery life (720 video playback), up to 16hrs with Eee Station (dock)
  • Micro SD in tablet additional full SD reader in dock
  • (2) USB 2.0 ports in dock
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, optional 3G module

Overall, it’s a great piece of technology and is more affordable than other tablets on the market right now.  Retail prices range between $350 and $400 for the tablet, plus around $150 for the keyboard/dock.  Worth checking out if you’re at all interested in picking up a tablet PC.

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