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Zotero, the Free Citation Manager Workshop Prezi – Use and Share!

Zotero Workshop Prezi Presentation

Zotero Workshop Prezi Presentation – Click to view

A few weeks ago I was approached to do a workshop training on Zotero, the free citation management software.  A group of doctoral students in the Special Education department here in the College of Education were interested in seeing how it works.

Sure! Why not? I could use a brush-up on the tool, anyways.

As I’ve found myself doing more often lately, I jumped into Prezi and began organizing the content. I had helped out with somewhere near ten Zotero trainings, but hadn’t done one on my own before. The workshop materials were handed to me, which I tweaked to include only the essential functions of the tool. As with all my workshops, I spend time thinking about the basic elements of a tool or technique, the parts that will be used most often. If additional features or functions are asked about, I generally discover them on the spot and learn them with the workshop attendees. It’s more of a conversation that way; has worked out well in most of my trainings.

Here is a link to the Prezi I used to conduct the workshop —>Click Me!

Gathering Citations with Zotero

Gathering Citations with Zotero

I usually have the Prezi open on one monitor/projector and use another screen to follow along with the hands-on section. With this workshop I was limited to one monitor, so bouncing back a forth was necessary. At any rate, take a look at this Prezi if you’re at all interested in seeing what Zotero has to offer you.

I made a post back in November about Zotero, but the Prezi in this post give more of a simple overview that can be used to find out if it will be useful to you or to show the tool to others. Here are the four main topics covered in my workshop:

  1. Gathering Citation Information
  2. Managing a Library
  3. Inserting Citations and One-click Bibliographies
  4. Other functions and uses

The workshop went very well, only running a few minutes over, which is good considering only half of the group had installed Zotero on their computer before attending!

Prezi U Logo

I’ve submitted this Prezi to the Prezi U Library for UH, Manoa. If you haven’t checked it out yet, there are Prezi presentations from top universities (Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc) on that site as well. Do look if you have a moment. Who knows…you might even be inspired to make a Prezi yourself :]

2 thoughts on “Zotero, the Free Citation Manager Workshop Prezi – Use and Share!

  1. Billy,
    I became I fan of Prezi, when our school system mandated that we use the software for a peer-led book review as part of our Professional Development. After an initial learning curve, I came to really love Prezi. The people at Prezi have hit on something that makes their presentations more dynamic and attention grabbing to viewers. In the past, the projector coming on during PD has always meant naptime to me. However, I was not only awake for this particular PD, but also engaged and learning.
    I recently came across your blog as part of an Instructional Design and Technology class I am taking at WaldenU. When I saw that you were using Prezis with your students, I immediately wanted to know more about how you use them. I teach science to eight grade students and have started using Prezi with them recently. I am using Prezis in a couple of different ways in my classes. One such way is that they are taking the place of my more traditional slideshows. Another way that I am using them is to have students create Prezis in small groups. Dr. Ormrod (2009) and others cite metacognitive strategies as playing a pivotal role in problem solving and learning. Jackson, J., Harper, K., Ruzic, R., & O’Connell, K. (2001) reviewed literature on Concept Maps and found that the vast majority of studies found them to have a positive impact on learning. Because Prezis work like interactive concept maps, I have students make their own Prezis in essence creating their own concept maps.
    I think Prezi has created a great tool, and I am eager to hear if you have any suggestions as to other techniques with which to integrate Prezis into the classroom? I will also being checking out Zotero asap.

    Jackson, J., Harper, K., Ruzic, R., & O’Connell, K. (2001) Concept Maps Summary Source Data retrieved March 10, 2012 from

    Laureate Education, Inc. (2009) (Producer). EDUC-6115-2 Learning Theories and Instruction [Online Video]. In “Information Processing and Problem Solving. Baltimore, MD: Dr. Jeanne Ormrod.

    • Wow, Marc. Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment. I agree that the power of Prezi hasn’t been tapped like it will soon. Small group mind-mapping is a great way to use Prezi in the classroom. I’ve been talking with a few other teachers about the ways Prezi can help students express their thinking. It’s one of those tools I wish I had access to when I was in middle/high school, too! I’ll see about writing up a few lesson ideas that you can use in the classroom. Thanks again for the comment and the research to back it up!


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