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Three easy things you can do right now to make your Prezis BETTER!

1. Use command+D to safely play with ideas!

Duplicated items in Prezi

Not sure where to place an object? Worried about losing an object you embedded or created in your Prezi? Worry no more.

When I have a loose design going, I usually will have copies of the same objects/words made before I do any heavy moving.  If you are working with a single copy of an item (that you spent time making!) you risk having to precisely duplicate the object if you change it.  How do we get around this?  Use command+D after selecting an object, and a duplicate will be created.  Move the copy aside and start resizing/rotating/changing that object, now without any fear of losing it.

Click on an object, then press command+D. A duplicate copy of that object will appear on your canvas.  Make copies of objects you like or that you want to use multiple times on your Prezi.

2. Make your hyperlinks more attractive!

Inserting a hyperlink into a Prezi is simple: place text on your canvas that starts with http:// and viewers will be able to click on the text as a link.  For example, placing in your Prezi will create a clickable link back to this blog.

To be honest, the http:// portion is a bit ugly.  It’s much more common to see a web address on a billboard or advertisement that just has the .com behind it.  One way I’ve made my links look prettier (but still work!) is to use a rectangle to cover the http://.  You are also now able to select part of your text and change the color of the lettering to be less obvious.  This can help the text you want to highlight stand out more.

For example, here is a slide with my blog’s website as a link, with the http:// visible:

Hyperlink in Prezi with no changes

Now I selected the http:// and changed the color to dark grey, making it less visible.

Hyperlink in Prezi with text selected

Hyperlink in Prezi with text selected and grayed out

Looks better already!

Now, I inserted a rectangle that was near the same color as the background, placing it over the http://.  Drag it over the ugly part of the web address and it will effectively “mask” the ugly letters, still leaving the hyperlink working!  There may be other ways to do this, but this has worked for me in the short term.

Hyperlink in Prezi with text blocked by grey box

Either way will work, and you won’t necessarily need to do both. Use whichever way works for you. Prettier links = less intimidating to viewers, and may lead to more clicks.

3. Create nice clean frames to hold your topics!

Making a frame in Prezi

One thing I would like is for Prezi to have different frame options, although similarly styled to the themes.  What I’ve found to work for now is to create a frame with contrasting outer and inner “shape”.  If you’re working on a light canvas, click on Insert >> Shapes >> rectangle and make a dark rectangle.  If the rectangle is the wrong color, change it by double-clicking on it and choosing a dark grey or black.

Insert a rectangle in Prezi

Grab another rectangle and draw it out on the canvas next to the first rectangle.  This one will go on top of the first rectangle, so we need to shrink it a bit and make it a contrasting color to be able to see both.  Make it white or another lighter color.

Insert an additional rectangle in Prezi

We want the darker shape to “outline” the inner rectangle.  Resize it and drag it over and on top of the dark shape.

Resizing a rectangle in Prezi

Now double-click and resize both shapes to make the outline have an even thickness.  Any thickness is OK, but try to make it even, uniform all the way around.

Frame made from two rectangles in Prezi

Add some text in a bold color and rotate.  Nice clean styled “frame,” huh? :]

Try different color combinations and work on a dark canvas to see what those combinations look like, too!  If you like the “frame” you created, make sure you copy it with command-D.

Here are some other color combinations that you may like:

Blue/Red/White frame made in Prezi

Green/Orange frame made in Prezi

Yellow/Green frame made in Prezi

I’m considering adding this to the next version of the Prezi iBook Quick Guide, in addition to fixing a few bugs.  Leave feedback below, thanks!

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