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New Helpful Hints in Prezi While You Work. Bravo!

As someone who works in Prezi on the regular, I’ve become accustomed to the scenery while I work.  The zebra in the upper left corner, the zoom in/out symbol on the right (which I never use), and my messy Prezi content – frames, text, images.  While working in a Prezi just now, I saw something new: A bright yellow post-it note with hints about selecting objects.

I was trying to select a group of items that were of various sizes, having a bit of trouble.  Prezi to the rescue, with a helpful hint.  See picture.

Prezi Helpful Post-it Note

Pretty neat, huh?

It’s a little animated image that gives you a tip for the problem you’re having.  My guess is that Prezi somehow detected the number of clicks I had made on the same objects, triggering the helpful post-it note.

What’s so cool about that?

It means that Prezi is really focusing on usability.  People won’t want to use a tool that requires such a steep learning curve.  People who try Prezi come from various educational and professional sectors, each with their own experience with graphics.  These hints are a signal that the folks behind the scenes are actively improving usability.

Have you seen these in a Prezi before?  Was it helpful to you?

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