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Capstone Project Complete: Designing & Evaluating a Resource Site for Distance Educators

This has been a crazy year at the University of Hawaii, but my time is coming to an end.  This morning I submitted my PowerPoint slides for my presentation in the TCC Worldwide Educational Technology Conference which I will give on Tuesday.  PowerPoint, you say?  Yeah…the online classroom platform (BlackBoard Collaborate) can’t handle a Prezi.  I ended up exporting my presentation (which I built in Prezi) to PDF, then converted to PPT.  Gosh, it feels nice to be done.

Billy Meinke's Masters Presentation for TCC Conference

If you’re a student or professional interested in education technology, I highly encourage you to sign up for TCC.  The cost for students is only $19, so get on it!  Looking at the lineup of presentations and talks, this year’s conference should be a good one.  I will be presenting at 6:00pm on Tuesday and look forward to seeing the presentations of my peers as well!

It’s also nice to see LearningTimes, who hosts this year’s conference, bringing a badging system to the conference.  I’m interested to see how it works out!  For more information about TCC, click one of the links above or the image below.

TCC Online Conference

I’ll be posting up Part 2 of “How to Market yourself in the Field of Educational Technology” this week as well.  Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Capstone Project Complete: Designing & Evaluating a Resource Site for Distance Educators

  1. Application sharing would work – you can run the Prezi in a browser and share the browser. The only problem there is that it might not refresh quick enough for all the movement of a typical Prezi presentation.

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