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Education Stuffs. Lots and Lots of Them.

First, I want to share a really cool presentation tool that a co-worker passed on to me recently.  For a while now, I’ve been very much into finding ways to create engaging presentations and workshops, and this new tool is the latest addition to my kit.

Here’s a presentation I gave at the end of last month as part of the Brussels-based MEDEAnet Project, the slides created for free on

Presention on is a free presentation platform that has some neat javascript built-in for transitions and effects. The editor is a little rough, but if you can read and edit basic HTML, you’ll have no issue with it. It’s missing an “export to ppt” feature and version control, but it’s been my choice after recently needing to make a new slide deck about Creative Commons. is free, easy on the web, made for mobile (has swipe built-in), and doesn’t require Flash.  It’s simple, and just works.

Been a while

I’ve started writing this blog post about five separate times, always trying to describe how awesome interning at Creative Commons was, and somehow making a (humble) announcement that I was brought on full-time with the education team.  Being in the right place at the right time helped (I met CC people in Helsinki at the Open Knowledge Festival), but I believe that being willing to mingle with, ask questions of, and talk story with people I’d never met has been key.

Creative Commons staff wearing swag

Meryl Mohan / CC BY

We’re all just people, after all.  And I’m fortunate to say that I’ve come across many interesting people, each with some bit of knowledge to pass on.  So to keep this short, and more like a blog with a real person behind it than it’s been looked for the last few months, I’ll finish with this:

Those of you who found some sense of worth in this blog of mine, I owe you big-time.  Lots of people downloaded that Prezi ebook I wrote a while ago, but a handful of people also decided to subscribe to my blog.  Without the support and feedback from those folks who read, posted and asked questions about the things I wrote, life would be different for me than it is now, and probably not nearly as cool.  So thanks.  A lot.

Education stuffs

There’s a ton of stuff in the pipe right now.  My time is primarily spent on the education team, but I’m also doing some things in communications and the affiliate network.  We’re (CC) heading the OPEN Partners collaboration to support open licensing and distance course development by community colleges as part of the TAACCCT grant.  I’m also doing a little bit of work on the School of Open and helping coordinate the building of some Creative Commons learning materials.  There have also been some opportunities to give talks and panel about Open Education, OER, and CC licensing to faculty and people working in digital media (hence the embedded presentation above).  I’ll be posting new slidesdecks to my Slideshare account here. All CC-BY you’re welcome to take them and use them however you like, as long as you give me attribution.

Soo…I’m going to push out this blog post right now before I over-think it (again) and wait another undetermined amount of time before writing again.  And again, thank you for reading.

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