How to: Get a Creative Commons License for your Blog or Website
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How to: Get a Creative Commons License for your Blog or Website

Scrolling through my social media feeds, I stumbled across a Google+ post shared with me asking how I was able to attach a Creative Commons license to my blog.  I am stoked (yes, I said stoked) to see more people looking into alternative forms of copyright that allow increased sharing, remixing, and collaborating far beyond … Continue reading

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…Why I Hate Mobile – K. Blessing’s Rant/Plea at Open Web Camp 2012

The title of Kimberly Blessing’s presentation was actually Realizing “One Web” – or, Why I Hate Mobile, which is only slightly less pointed than my abbreviated version.  She gave the compelling talk at Open Web Camp 2012 last weekend, held at the eBay/Paypal office in San Jose.  Blessing mentioned that she had been trying to summarize … Continue reading

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How to Market Yourself in the Field of Educational Technology (part 2)

As part 2 of my “How to Market Yourself in Educational Technology” post, I’ll explain some tips and ideas for those in ed tech that will soon be making the transition into the professional sphere.  You’ll likely encounter a broad range of companies and groups that may end up being future partners or employers, and … Continue reading