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Finding Inspiration: Badges for Education and Learning

“They symbolize the adventure of the out-of-doors and achievement in skill and service. They stand for qualities of personality, character, and leadership. They are not awards for competition…The Insignia are recognition of achievement by the individual in meeting fixed standards. They will serve to inspire him toward further achievement in Scouting.” -Boy Scouts of America … Continue reading

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How to Market Yourself in the Field of Educational Technology (part 2)

As part 2 of my “How to Market Yourself in Educational Technology” post, I’ll explain some tips and ideas for those in ed tech that will soon be making the transition into the professional sphere.  You’ll likely encounter a broad range of companies and groups that may end up being future partners or employers, and … Continue reading

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Capstone Project Complete: Designing & Evaluating a Resource Site for Distance Educators

This has been a crazy year at the University of Hawaii, but my time is coming to an end.  This morning I submitted my PowerPoint slides for my presentation in the TCC Worldwide Educational Technology Conference which I will give on Tuesday.  PowerPoint, you say?  Yeah…the online classroom platform (BlackBoard Collaborate) can’t handle a Prezi. … Continue reading

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Digital Media and Learning (DML) 2012 Conference – Experience Notes

I’m writing this from my seat on the plane back to Oahu. I’ll admit that I’m pretty tired from the last few days, but greatly inspired as well. DML 2012 San Francisco was the first full conference I’ve attended, although I presented a video game concept with some colleagues at AACE’s E-Learn 2011 in Honolulu … Continue reading