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CK-12: A Free Electronic Textbook Building Platform

After attending ISTE 2012 in San Diego at the end of June, I made plans to meet with the folks down at CK-12, the non-profit organization developing a free textbook builder. Before you run from the word “free,” keep in mind that this is different.  No gimmicks, no subscriptions, and nothing expected in return. Browse … Continue reading

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Interactive Textbooks: Predictions about Use in Higher Education and Learning

I’m predicting a big push towards using electronic textbooks in higher education at the end of summer 2012.  Teachers will likely be integrating electronic textbooks (iBooks, ePub/hPub) into their instruction at a much higher rate then we’ve seen before.  A recent report shows that the number of U.S. students who own tablets has tripled in … Continue reading

Free iBook: A Quick Guide to Prezi. Read and Share!
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Free iBook: A Quick Guide to Prezi. Read and Share!

Don’t worry, I’m also going to make the process of putting it on your iPad easy as pie! A little background:  I created this iBook at the beginning of February while in talks with the folks over at Prezi.  Two drafts were completed in a 10-day time frame, the first in plain PDF format, the … Continue reading

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Want to make an iBook? Read these 7 Tips first!

The topic of iBooks has gained some real momentum over the last few months.  With Apple’s latest operating system “Lion,” users were also given access to iBooks Author, fully-functional software for creating iBooks.  This was a big deal. To be perfectly honest, iBooks Author is a well-featured application that makes creating iBooks…enjoyable! I spent about … Continue reading