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Gaining Momentum: Badges in Education at ISTE 2012 San Diego, CA

I was afraid that I had turned into a broken record. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I tell people that I’m not currently working full time, for anyone, the question that follows is usually, “well, what are you doing then?”  Simple enough.  I tell them that I am spreading the word about badges, … Continue reading

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How to Market Yourself in the Field of Educational Technology (part 2)

As part 2 of my “How to Market Yourself in Educational Technology” post, I’ll explain some tips and ideas for those in ed tech that will soon be making the transition into the professional sphere.  You’ll likely encounter a broad range of companies and groups that may end up being future partners or employers, and … Continue reading

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How to Market Yourself in the Field of Educational Technology (part 1)

I received a phone call on Saturday morning from Canada.  Had no idea who it was. I ended up speaking at length with a freelance writer about the field of educational technology.  She asked about the type of training that Instructional Designers receive in a masters program and we chatted about graduate schools that have competitive Educational … Continue reading