Reflection on ETEC MEd Program 2010-2012

The Educational Technology (ETEC) program at the University of Hawaii is one that has improved my life.  I’ll say that first.

Looking back on the last two years of time spend first as a graduate student, then becoming a graduate assistant working for the College of Education, I have much to be proud of.  The faculty and student in ETEC are some of the best people I could have hoped to be associated with.  There is a supportive culture in this place that came to be much more than I ever expected.

My peers are focused on becoming technology leaders of the future.  It’s been a great experience being able to collaborate with such a passionate group of individuals.  Through group projects and feedback-related interactions, I’ve gained a respect for many students in both the Masters and Doctoral programs in ETEC.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

The faculty in ETEC are another very diverse group of professional, academic people.  While providing support and guidance in understanding the foundations of Instructional Design, students in ETEC are afforded a good deal of freedom to explore methods and technologies that interest them.  I’ve been able to collaborate with a number of faculty members on projects that will extend far beyond the scope of my masters program, and have not once been turned down help.  My hope is to maintain contact with not only members of my graduating cohort, but also the faculty that have helped me achieve such grand feats.

Many Mahalos to the entire ETEC Department!

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