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Interactive Textbooks: Predictions about Use in Higher Education and Learning

I’m predicting a big push towards using electronic textbooks in higher education at the end of summer 2012.  Teachers will likely be integrating electronic textbooks (iBooks, ePub/hPub) into their instruction at a much higher rate then we’ve seen before.  A recent report shows that the number of U.S. students who own tablets has tripled in … Continue reading

Free iBook: A Quick Guide to Prezi. Read and Share!
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Free iBook: A Quick Guide to Prezi. Read and Share!

Don’t worry, I’m also going to make the process of putting it on your iPad easy as pie! A little background:  I created this iBook at the beginning of February while in talks with the folks over at Prezi.  Two drafts were completed in a 10-day time frame, the first in plain PDF format, the … Continue reading