Badges and Education Curriculum: They Can’t Not Be Together
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Badges and Education Curriculum: They Can’t Not Be Together

A quick preface: Although I’m a huge supporter of badges, the system at large is still very much under development.  These thoughts stem from my own understanding and experience with badges, which is changing by the day.  Check it out. So when people think of badges, I tell them about microcredentials.  And I tell them … Continue reading

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CK-12: A Free Electronic Textbook Building Platform

After attending ISTE 2012 in San Diego at the end of June, I made plans to meet with the folks down at CK-12, the non-profit organization developing a free textbook builder. Before you run from the word “free,” keep in mind that this is different.  No gimmicks, no subscriptions, and nothing expected in return. Browse … Continue reading

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Gaining Momentum: Badges in Education at ISTE 2012 San Diego, CA

I was afraid that I had turned into a broken record. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I tell people that I’m not currently working full time, for anyone, the question that follows is usually, “well, what are you doing then?”  Simple enough.  I tell them that I am spreading the word about badges, … Continue reading

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Finding Inspiration: Badges for Education and Learning

“They symbolize the adventure of the out-of-doors and achievement in skill and service. They stand for qualities of personality, character, and leadership. They are not awards for competition…The Insignia are recognition of achievement by the individual in meeting fixed standards. They will serve to inspire him toward further achievement in Scouting.” -Boy Scouts of America … Continue reading

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Do You Fear Open Educational Resources? That’s Silly.

There is much fear and doubt about how open educational resources (MOOCs, open textbooks, and much much more) will affect the ability of institutions of higher learning to maintain enrollment.  Specifically, will the expansion of MOOCs directly impact the ability for universities to attract students?  Will colleges and universities be forced to work with ever-shrinking … Continue reading