Snapshot of the TAACCCT OER Community Pt.1

Snapshot of the TAACCCT OER Community Pt.1

What’s happening inside the world’s largest OER project? What patterns exist among grantee projects in their use and attitudes of OER and proprietary content? This blog post summarizes initial results of a survey conducted in February and March of 2014, exploring knowledge areas and use patterns of Open Educational Resources (OER) and proprietary educational content…

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Want to make an iBook? Read these 7 Tips first!

The topic of iBooks has gained some real momentum over the last few months.  With Apple’s latest operating system “Lion,” users were also given access to iBooks Author, fully-functional software for creating iBooks.  This was a big deal. To be perfectly honest, iBooks Author is a well-featured application that makes creating iBooks…enjoyable! I spent about … Continue reading

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Usability Testing done for Teaching Resource Site – A few Lessons learned!

I’m proud to say that yesterday concluded the initial usability testing of my resource website.  After some major changes in the way I would build out the site, the navigation was completed in Weebly.  Here’s what the Home Page looked like: To be honest, I wish I had taken more time investing in the content … Continue reading

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5 Tips for making your ePortfolio get noticed by Employers

Making your ePortfolio can seem like a stressful process, but these five tips will help you put together an ePortfolio that colleagues will respect and you’ll be proud to point employers to!  Let’s begin… 1) Start with a theme that fits your needs A free account is a simple way to get your ePorfolio moving.  Sure, … Continue reading