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Free iBook: A Quick Guide to Prezi. Read and Share!

Prezi Quick Guidev1.1 Cover

Prezi Quick Guidev1.1 Cover

Don’t worry, I’m also going to make the process of putting it on your iPad easy as pie!

A little background:  I created this iBook at the beginning of February while in talks with the folks over at Prezi.  Two drafts were completed in a 10-day time frame, the first in plain PDF format, the second in the interactive iBooks format.  I had never used iBooks Author (or any other eBook creator) so this was a real test of my ability to learn a tool and put out a rapid prototype.

A total of about 15 hours of my time, plus 4 hours of my colleagues reviewing the eBook were committed to the project.  I work full-time at the University of Hawaii and am taking three courses to finish my M.Ed. before May, so I expect to make revisions based on user feedback.   It’s a “quick and dirty” iBook, but gives a nice overview of Prezi for people who may have tried to use the tool and found it difficult.

Please share this iBook!

Creative Commons LicenseI’ve attached a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license to this iBook, which means you are free to use it and share it for non-commercial purposes.  Please do!  If you have any questions about it’s use, feel free to contact me.

So how do I get this iBook onto my iPad?

iBooks Storage on iPad

To keep things as open as possible, I avoided going through the iTunes store.  But do not worry: It’s easy to get it onto your iPad.  Here’s the step-by-step:

UPDATE 3/3/12: Please upgrade your iBooks app on your iPad to iBooks2 to view the iBook. Otherwise skip to the .PDF!

  1. Open your Safari web browser on your iPad. If you’re on your iPad right now, skip down to Step 3.

    Safari on iPad

    Safari on iPad

  2. Navigate to www.tinyurl.com/ibookprezi, which will take you back to this page

    Safari Web Browser

    Safari Web Browser

  3. Click/Tap on this link to download the iBook file called “Prezi_QuickGuide_iBookv1.2.ibooks

  4. Download time can vary as the file is 11MB. Shouldn’t take more than a minute. Once it finishes, click/tap on Open in “iBooks”

    Open in iBooks

    Choose “Open in iBooks”

  5. The Prezi Quick Guide will open in iBooks and be saved in your iBooks library

    Prezi Quick Guide in iBooks

  6. Tap it to open and enjoy!

Have an eReader or Android Tablet? You can have this iBook, too.

Although the interactive features will be lost, I’ve exported the iBook to PDF.  Once downloaded, you can view this eBook on any computer or tablet that can read PDFs (Kindle, Nook, most Android devices, iPhones, etc).

Here’s the link to the PDF: iBook Prezi Quick Guide Meinkev1.2

If you find the iBook neat, please comment below.  Any questions? Contact me via email or Twitter.

Note 3/8/12 – Many images in the book will not appear in portrait mode. Please use the iBook with your iPad horizontally until I release a version update! Thanks.

20 thoughts on “Free iBook: A Quick Guide to Prezi. Read and Share!

  1. Well, its not every day you meet truly talented people, Billy – this is really well done. I have some specific feedback for you:
    1. The recap at the end was fantastic! The slide the pointed out the components, the color gallery, etc… I wish all instructors took the time to cement what they had just introduced in this manner.
    2. The language was simple and easy to follow – the graphics backed up what you said. There was ONE SENTENCE out of the entire document that I felt needed to be clearer:

    “Do this for other text at the same level. Go down a level and repeat this process for the
    lower higher-detail words, but change them to body. You’ll end up with something like this”

    Some people may not understand “text a the same level,” especially if they have not worked with headings. I find it helpful to explain this as a table of contents – people can usually come up with a visual for heading, subheading by imagining a TOC; this may help them understand what you mean?
    3. The tips were great and robust – you didn’t just say do this/don’t do this, you explained why.
    4. I don’t own an ipad. I don’t own a smart phone. Sigh. I tried to view the pdf on my little Acer net book. Sigh… I wound up trying to navigate over, up, down… because of the two page layout. I messed around w/ different magnifications of the view, but basically, I had to scroll sideways and up and down to read every page – PITB. So…. ya…. fix that?

    Great job, Billy. You’ve inspired me to create my first Prezi – which I may or may not share with the world. Having never touched the software before, it will be fun to talk again about how much your guide helped me…. compare my experience to someone who never tried Prezi and never read your guide? kc

  2. Oh, the text directions are easy to follow. The video or audio offers you an opportunity to put your voice and face with the text, making this more inviting and personal. My students respond positively to my course blog when I offer video and audio as it gives them a sense of who I am. In previous course, even quick notices, I simply sent text. Now I try to send something that has something of my voice in it..they tend to connect more.
    Anyway, just an idea.

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  4. thank you so much Billy, it is really interesting, I have heard about prezi from a friend and since we use lot of presentations in our so I find the document very interesting. I hope that you allow me to ask you some question about prezi from time to time .thanks again


    • Thanks for the comment. Are you on a wireless connection or 3G? The file is about 11MB and might take 20 seconds or so to download depending on your connection. Just downloaded the file successfully from two computers, worked OK. Post a reply if it’s still giving you trouble.

    • Hi Ridho- Sorry the iBook download didn’t work for you. Try going back to this post, clicking the download link, and waiting a couple of minutes. I just downloaded the iBook from the link and it took less than a minute. If you’re still not able to get it, email me and I can send you a copy. Thanks!

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