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How to Embed Images, Youtube Videos, and Create Hyperlinks in Prezi (video inside)

It’s no secret that images and video can increase engagement when added to a presentation.  While a flashy presentation is no substitute for a powerful message, many presentations created in Prezi will benefit from the addition of multimedia and a layer of interactivity.  This short tutorial video shows the basics of inserting images from your local computer, from the web (a URL), and images found using the built-in Google Image search in Prezi.  The video also shows how to create a clickable hyperlink and embed a YouTube video that can be played inside of your presentation.  Take a look!


This screencast video is part of video training module I created for Fractus Learning’s Online Training platform, which will be released very soon.  My training course for Fractus Learning is titled “Prezi for Use in Classrooms,” but highlights all of the most popular features of Prezi, covering everything needed to begin using Prezi.  Here are some other lessons and modules included in the Fractus Learning course:

  • Main Controls & Zebra
  • Shapes and Drawings
  • Themes (colors)
  • Setting a “Path”
  • Layering Objects
  • Sharing your Prezi
  • Importing a Powerpoint Presentation
  • Lesson Planning Tips +more!

If the video strikes your fancy, please check out the Fractus Learning course and register your interest by clicking on the button below.

Fractus Learning Logo

(click image above for more info)

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