How to Embed Images, Youtube Videos, and Create Hyperlinks in Prezi (video inside)
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How to Embed Images, Youtube Videos, and Create Hyperlinks in Prezi (video inside)

It’s no secret that images and video can increase engagement when added to a presentation.  While a flashy presentation is no substitute for a powerful message, many presentations created in Prezi will benefit from the addition of multimedia and a layer of interactivity.  This short tutorial video shows the basics of inserting images from your … Continue reading

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…Why I Hate Mobile – K. Blessing’s Rant/Plea at Open Web Camp 2012

The title of Kimberly Blessing’s presentation was actually Realizing “One Web” – or, Why I Hate Mobile, which is only slightly less pointed than my abbreviated version.  She gave the compelling talk at Open Web Camp 2012 last weekend, held at the eBay/Paypal office in San Jose.  Blessing mentioned that she had been trying to summarize … Continue reading

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Ubuntu, Open Courses, and Open Badges: Three Ways the Open Source Community is improving Education

For weeks now I’ve been drafting a post about how the Open Source Community is making big strides in helping support and expand the reach of education.  The latest news about MIT’s announcement of edX developing an open-source learning management system has tipped me over the edge and it’s time I share three ways in … Continue reading

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The Noun Project – Free Icons for Badges, Web, and other Media!

With all this talk of Mozilla Open Badges, I thought it necessary to share a neat resource I found for free icon images.  The Noun Project is a really great website for obtaining vector (scalable) images for use in all sorts of publications and media, including creating your own badges. Here’s a sneak peak at … Continue reading